Create Amazon EMR Cluster

Now that we finished setting up Identity Provider Trust, it's time to create Amazon EMR cluster integrating with AWS Lake Formation. Upon successful completion of the following CloudFormaiton template, it will create the following IAM resources:
Logout and login back into AWS console using TeamRole ( If Hashcode given, use chapter AWS Event to login) or as Administrator you created in Self Paced Labs

NOTE: This template is created for us-east-1 region (N.Virginia) and will not work in other regions.

NOTE: Please make a note of Identity Provider metadata file path in S3 which you have uploded part of Configure Trust Relationship exersie, we need it during stack creation as one of the input also make sure to select proper SAMLProviderName depending on whether you are trying with Auth0 or Okta provider .

The CloudFormation stack will roughly take 10-12 minutes to complete. Check the CloudFormation console and wait for the status CREATE_COMPLETE as shown below: Once the stack creation is completed, your AWS account will have all required resources to run this workshop. Capture the master node dns, Notebooks bucket name from the output tab and proceed to the next chapter to run different lab. The CloudFormation template also shows AWS console IAM login link. Use this link to login to different users for this workshop..